Same-day Car Removal Service Canberra, ACT

Do you want to remove your old, unwanted or scrap car from your property on the same day? You have arrived at the right destination then, since we at Capital Auto Recyclers offer same-day car removals in Canberra.

The job is performed by professionals having years of experience in car removal Canberra, ACT. Besides, we get rid of all cars and do not focus on their make or model. Similarly, we do not take the age and condition of vehicles. We remove cars of all brands as well. So, if you are looking for trusted car removals in Canberra then your search ends at Capital Auto Recyclers,

Comprehensive Car Removal Services Canberra

Since our services include inspections, the removal of fuel and other dangerous fluids, metal pieces, etc., we offer the most thorough car removal services in Canberra, ACT. So, you can be confident that our car removal services in Canberra, ACT are completely secure. 

Our Canberra car removals are the most sought-after due to punctuality and professionalism, the two most important aspects that a company needs to have. Also, we carry out car removals Canberra, ACT in a planned manner to reduce unnecessary hassles. You can also put your trust in us since we use tow trucks that are driven by seasoned drivers.

Characteristics of Our Same-Day Car Removal Services in Canberra

Capital Auto Recyclers should be your top pick when it comes to same-day car removal services in Canberra:

  • We are professionals who can skilfully remove all types of used, unwanted and junk cars in Canberra, ACT
  • Our car removal services Canberra are free
  • We pay top cash to our clients, and that too on the spot

If you want to know more about the car removal service Canberra, ACT. Feel free to contact us at 0409 296 758.

Why Choose Us

Family owned and operated business since 2013

Experience Skills

Helping Canberra customers since 2013.

Quick and efficient

Our staff get the job done quick and easy

Low Cost

Cheap prices you won't find elsewhere.

Guarantee Services

We also offer installation of parts so you know it works.

Trusted Work

Our customers always leave satisfied.

High Quality

Our used parts get your car running back to normal.

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    Car Removal Process

    We keep the process of getting your car removed quick and simple. It’s an easy three step process.
    1. Get a quote for your vehicle, fill in the online form below and we’ll get back to you or simply call us on 0409296758 for a prompt estimation. Please give us the following details for an accurate quote: make/model/year of vehicle, condition of vehicle including any damage, state of the car, if the car runs or not, whether the vehicle is a write-off, vehicle access (located on driveway or elsewhere).
    2. If you’re happy with the quote, we will agree on a date and time to come and remove the vehicle. Evening pickups are also available if you have a busy work schedule.
    3. When we arrive for vehicle removal you will fill out a quick receipt as evidence that we have purchased the vehicle from you. This receipt will require your name, address, licence details, contact number. We can fill out the vehicle details. You will also be given your number plates, if any, as we do not require them. Then you will be paid the agreed amount in cash and we will take the keys.

    And that’s it, that’s all we need on your end and you can get back to watching the footy. We will take care of removing the car from your property with our truck and within minutes you’ll have your free space back and with extra cash in your pocket.
    We service Canberra and the surrounding regions including Queanbeyan, Yass, Goulburn, Cooma.
    We aim to keep the process quick and simple, and hope our friendly efficient service kept you satisfied.



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